Lumbar Throw Pillows & Covers

If you are looking to add timeless pieces of home décor items to accentuate the look and feel of your spaces, then Smithy Home Couture’s classic and exquisite pieces of lumbar throw pillows and covers are the best options. The classic lumbar pillow comes in 14 x 20 Inch size and looks great as a decorative piece in any area. The eclectic collection will add a pop of color and beauty to your space along with providing comfortable lumbar support. Browse through the collection to get yours now.

Elevate Your Decor with Decorative Lumbar Throw Pillows

Lumbar Throw Pillows are excellent pieces of home décor items that can elevate the overall aesthetics of your place. Along with adding a splash of color to your spaces, they are also great options to provide comfort. They are an excellent medium to extend support to the lumbar region of your spine, hence are known as lumbar throw pillows. Whether you place them on the beds or couches in the living room, they will blend perfectly with the tone of the interiors to create a vibe that you will truly love. 

A perfect arrangement of lumbar throw pillows is a crucial factor while decorating your room and highlighting its style. We bring you an authentic and charming decorative lumbar pillow collection made by a team of skilled craftsmen to deliver just perfection and nothing else. Keep the design cohesive yet extraordinary with an extensive collection of pillows available at Smithy Home Couture.

Handmade Designer Lumbar Pillows & Covers for Your Room

Whether your heart strikes a chord with casual décor or you like splashing a bit of bling and jazz, a lumbar pillow will make your space gorgeous and complete. They blend with the interiors very well and hence sets the tone of your home just right. With endless combinations of designs, colors, and textures, they are a perfect addition to the cozy corners of your home. Along with enhancing the aesthetics of the place; they are highly functional too.

Also, if you are a person who likes soothing décor, neutral colors, or even prefers going colorless at times then add a lovely effect to the whole room by incorporating the charm of lumbar pillows. With their softness and unbelievable comfort, lumbar throw pillows can spruce up the aesthetics as well as the comfort quotient of the place in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Along with being decorative pieces, lumbar pillows are highly functional. They can be used to support the lumbar region of the spine and hence come in various types such as lumbar rolls, vented lumbar pillows, and more. They are made from materials like good quality feather down etc.

The lumbar pillow is covered using lumbar pillow covers that are available in a wide variety at Smithy Home Couture. Lumbar pillow covers are protective cushion covers that are to be used according to the exact size and type of your pillow. Cover your pillows in a variety of different textures and designs to add color and uniqueness to your place.

Yes, using a long lumbar pillow on the couch instantly enhances your home décor game. It adds freshness, soothing vibes, and beautiful charm to the entire place. With as minimal an effort as putting pillows on the couch, you can alleviate the feel and overall look of your home.


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