20x20 Throw Pillows & Covers

Buy from a beautiful collection of 20×20 throw pillows and covers beautifully curated for you to enhance the aesthetics of your home. Throw pillows are attractive and elegant decorative elements to be added to your space, they don’t just provide comfort but also enhance space aesthetics to a large extent. Include them to jazz up the décor with some vibrant colors, and intricate designs, to make your space look astonishing and complete.

Shop Decorative 20″ Square Throw Pillow Covers that Match Your Room’s Décor

Transforming your home into a place that inspires you and calms you down after a long tiring day can be easily achieved with meticulously thought home décor pieces. Start by placing decorative square throw pillows as per your liking and room décor to inculcate a sense of calmness and peace in your home. The exhaustive list of options available at Smithy Home Couture will overwhelm you and force you to pick up designs that add personality and inner spark to your space. Your home speaks volumes, it should thereby be loaded with items that resonate with your inner being to truly reflect who you are. Show chaos the exit door and welcome calmness into your home with a square throw pillow cover available at Smithy Home Couture. Pick your favorites now.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal pillow size for a 20×20 pillow cover should be 22×22. Using 2” larger pillow inserts than the cover ensures your pillows are fluffy and a lot fancier. Smithy Home Couture has a wide collection of 20×20 pillow cover designs that will compliment your home décor and enhance the aesthetics.

Yes, at Smithy Home Couture we recommend putting inserts that are 2” larger than the pillow cover as doing this ensures your pillow looks evenly full and beautifully plump. So, in an 18×18 pillow cover, a 20×20 pillow insert will luxuriously fit.


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