Decorative Throw Pillow Inserts

Our inserts are ideal for beautiful plush pillows.

Decorative Pillow Inserts

Our pillow inserts are made with the highest quality 95/5 feather and down. They hold their form very well and can take a great karate chop. For fuller and firmer pillows, we recommend that you purchase inserts that are 1 to 2 inches larger than the cover. Please see the pillow insert guide for our recommendations.
Pillow Inserts

Pillow Insert Size Guide

Insert guide is for Smithy Home Couture pillow covers only. We recommend most pillow inserts to be 1″ to 2″ inches larger than the pillow cover.

Pillow Inserts


We recommend most pillow inserts to be 1" to 2" inches larger than the pillow cover.


We recommend most pillow inserts to be 1" to 2" inches larger than the pillow cover.​

Pillow Inserts

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Invest in Great Inserts

Great inserts help your pillows look their very best! Regardless of how beautiful your pillow covers are, they will look awful if stuffed with the wrong inserts. We recommend feather inserts that are full and about an inch or two larger than the cover. Your pillows will feel soft, luxurious and comfortable. They will sit upright with little support and keep their shape for years to come. With a gentle karate chop, you can achieve the trendy “cat’s ears” look that is so popular in home decor today. For  voluminous plush pillows, feather down inserts are ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Throw pillows are usually filled with non-foam inserts like a mix of down and feathers. This makes their appearance fluffy and luxurious. Unless you suffer from allergies, this should be your ideal choice. Correct stuffing gives the pillow an accommodating feel making them comfier and cozier. If you are purchasing a throw pillow or just adding some more to your existing collection, then fill them with adequate down and feathers to enhance their appearance and feel.

The most common chosen stuffing for throw pillows is usually feathers which are encased in a pillow insert rather than directly inserting the stuffing into the decorative cover. The right stuffing makes the pillow look plump and luxurious and also enhances its comfort level.

The general rule which should be kept in mind regarding pillow inserts is the size. The size of the inserts should be 2” larger than the decorative pillow. It ensures the pillow looks plump, and luxurious and feels extremely comfortable while holding. Browse through the extensive variety of cushion covers and pillow inserts from Smithy Home Couture to get yours today.

Extra or replacement pillow inserts come in handy when you want to add some extra décor options around your home. Pillow inserts are available in various custom sizes at Smithy Home Couture, add them to your existing décor and let them steal the show.

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