Lemongrass Solid Velvet Throw Pillow Cover (Copy)


Luxurious bright green solid velvet pillow cover with soft sheen finish. It’s perfect as backdrop for embellished toss pillows but works very well on its own.

14x20 inches16x16 inches16x24 inches18x18 inches20x20 inches22x22 inches24x24 inches26x26 inches28x28 inches

Add this luxurious Lemongrass green solid velvet pillow cover into your space for a quick update. The green matte tone is rich and elegant. It immediately adds luxury, warmth and comfort to a space. Mix and match it with other solid velvet toss pillows for a contemporary look. With lighter tones, it will create depth and interest in a room. It’s also the perfect backdrop for embellished toss pillows.
It’s great for couch pillows, chair lumbar pillows, bed shams and decorative toss pillows.

Double Sided Poly Cotton Velvet
Closure: Matching Nylon Zipper
Dry clean Only

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14×20 inches, 16×16 inches, 16×24 inches, 18×18 inches, 20×20 inches, 22×22 inches, 24×24 inches, 26×26 inches, 28×28 inches

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