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The Colors of Fall and How to Incorporate them in your Home

That crispness is in the air… autumn is here. Pumpkin spice, cider donuts and Halloween decorations abound, and the holidays are right around the corner. But how can you turn your home into a fall showcase – that will last through Thanksgiving into the holidays – without looking like Spooky World? The key is using complementary colors.

What are Complementary Colors?

Colors opposite each other on a color wheel are called complementary colors. (Yes, that’s an “e.” It’s complementary.) The definition of complementary colors means that they’re opposite each other on the color wheel. When you’re decorating with fall colors, adding complementary colors is the way to go!
pillow fall colors

Hello, Halloween

Halloween lovers take note – you may think that bright orange is difficult to work with. But just look across the color wheel and you’ll see how it pops with a light blue, like aquamarine or even “Tiffany Box” blue. Stunning. How about an orange throw on your sofa, paired with a light blue throw pillow? Or although it may not be Halloween orange, burnt sienna will work just as well.

Fall Colors and their Friends

Cranberry is another popular color at this time of year… you’ll see it in the leaves and you may find it on your Thanksgiving table in cranberry sauce. Cranberry/maroon colors pair surprisingly well with green, without screaming “Christmas.” Check out cranberry with juniper green or even earthy fern green. New England green – pine green, like you’d see in Colonial homes – also pairs beautifully with ruby/pomegranate colors. Alternate colored napkins on your Thanksgiving table, and then pick up those colors on chairs and settees around the dining room with throw pillows.

Golden Colors of Fall

Gold and saffron are signature colors of fall… and you can pull them into your Thanksgiving and holiday décor effortlessly. With gold, goldenrod and canary yellow, you can easily stay within the same color family and mix-and-match until your heart’s content. Or, reach across that color wheel and find your color’s soulmate… eggplant, purple and many of the “jewel tones” will give gold the royal treatment. When you’re layering gold throw pillows – sprinkle in jewel tones and see how rich and luxurious your sofa or bed look.
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