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Selecting the Right Size Pillows for Your Bed

Throw pillows are the easiest way to dress up your bed, making it cozy, inviting and beautiful. But throw pillows should also be functional, too! Are you a bedtime reader? Do you like to watch TV in bed? Are you a laptop warrior, bringing your computer to bed to squeeze in a few last emails before sleeping? You may want to choose large pillows to layer behind you – or rectangular pillows for lower lumbar support. Here’s a guideline for choosing the right pillows for your bed – but never, ever be afraid to be creative and add your own flair!

Start with your Sleeping Pillows

Begin with your sleeping pillows. They’re in the pillowcases that you want next to your hair and face – whether that be satin, linen or luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton. Then, in front of your sleeping pillows, layer away! The best look results from layering and remember to have one that’s a center focal point.

Twin Beds

Twins are hard because they’re the smallest. Your sleeping pillow goes against the headboard or the wall, and then layer on three pillows. Small squares will probably work best with the dimensions of a twin, rectangular may hang off the side. Try to match the height of your sleeping pillows when you layer on square pillows. Don’t forget to experiment with your karate chops and “cats ears.”

Full/Queen Beds

Keep in mind the rule of 3-2-1… you’ll want three squares side-by-side, two squares side-by-side and a square or rectangle centered right up front as a focal point. Or if that feels like too much on a smaller full-sized bed, you can layer an uneven number 2 pillows… 1 pillow… as long as you have a focal point in the center. Try a rectangle in the front, or different sizes in the back and smaller throws up front.

King Beds

The rule of “uneven numbers” doesn’t always apply when it comes to King-sized beds, because they’re just so big! If you layer three throw pillows in front of your sleeping pillows (as shown here) then two, then one, you’re at 6. Just ensure you have a focal point in the center, or your bed will feel like it’s lacking something.

Buy the Right Size Pillow for Your Insert

For fuller and firmer pillows, we recommend that you purchase inserts that are 1 to 2 inches larger than the cover. So, if you choose 18x18 covers – you should get 20x20 inserts. And remember, feather down is the only way to go. Feather down inserts will hold your “karate chop” indentation in the top, so your bed will look luxe and inviting. Play with different sizes and textures… there really are no “wrong” choices.
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