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Selecting The Perfect-sized Pillows For Your Couch

How many throw pillows is too many? Well, that’s a personal preference. (Some of the men we’ve asked say “one is too many.”) But for those of us who take joy in home décor, throw pillows are an easy way to change up the look of a room, add visual interest and texture and bring warmth and coziness to your space. Here are ten tips for choosing the right size pillows for your couch.

  1. First, create your “base.” In terms of throw pillows, the base is when you place one pillow at each end of the couch. They can be solids or patterns, but they should match.
  2. Then you can begin layering on additional pillows – smaller or the same size as your base pillows. Choose different textures, fabrics and sizes to add interest. Here a square pillow is paired with a rectangular pillow in the same pattern.
  3. Use an odd number of pillows – 7 for a large sectional, 3 for a small sofa – to create balance and offer a focal point. One pillow can be in the center, or for an arrangement of 3, two off to one side.
  4. If your sofa is modern with a low back, you may choose 14”x20” or 14”x26” rectangular lumbar-style pillows to keep the line along the top of the couch clean and uninterrupted.
  5. Conversely, you can arrange your pillows in peaks and valleys, alternating sizes and textures to give a straight-edged couch some new lines.

Seaweed graphite nickel on couch

  1. Large-scale, high-backed overstuffed couches can accommodate large pillows – even as large as 26”x26”.
  2. If your sofa already has a pillow back, opt for smaller accent pillows that complement the color of your couch. Draw inspiration from your rug, curtains or other decorative items for an accent color.Here the base pillows are navy and the accent color is in the same color family.
  3. No matter what size you choose, remember to choose feather and down inserts to hold their shape and hold decorative “cat’s ears.”
  4. Plus, we recommend choosing pillow inserts 2” larger than the cover to ensure a truly plump, full feeling. (For example, if your cover is 18x18, choose a 20x20 insert.)
  5. Have fun! Throw pillows are an easy way to decorate for the holidays, to express your personality and to give a room a quick facelift. How many throw pillows are too many? When there’s no room left to sit!

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