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Plush Decorative Couch Pillows

How to Pick an Insert for Plush Decorative Couch Pillows

How to Pick an Insert for Plush Decorative Couch Pillows

Plush decorative pillows make an average couch look beautiful and inviting. The same can be said for the opposite! Flimsy, understuffed pillows can make an expensive couch look awful. But how do you get your pillows to look plush? It all starts with the perfect insert–the fluffy stuff inside your throw pillow cover.

What to know about inserts

Inserts are what goes inside a pillow cover. It’s what gives the pillow shape, weight and comfort. At Smithy Home Couture, we sell pillow covers and inserts separately. Inserts are a personal choice, and we want you to pick the insert that’s right for you! There are two main things to consider when picking a pillow insert: fill and size.


There are a variety of inserts on the market. The most common fills are poly fiberfill, feather/down combination, and down.  Polyester fiberfill is lightweight, costs less, and keeps its shape all the time, but it doesn’t take a karate shop.  Feather and down inserts come in a variety of combinations, and you select the ratio of feather/down you want. For example 95/5 is 95% feathers and 5% down, 90/10 is 90% feathers and 10% down, and so on. Lastly, 100% down inserts are very soft and luxurious, and they’re the most expensive.

At Smithy Home Couture, we recommend and sell feather/down inserts. They are perfectly plump, soft, and take a great “karate chop.” They’re durable, and they’re easy to fluff back into shape. They are also the best value in quality and performance–100% down is not necessary to get great looking pillows.

Plush Decorative Couch Pillows


Understuffed pillows will look limp and sad. The rule of thumb is your pillow insert has to be larger than the pillow cover. For smaller pillows such as 14x14, 16x16, and 14x20, it is best to use inserts that are 1 inch larger. For example, a 16x16 inch pillow cover needs a 17x17 inch insert. For larger pillows, such as a 20x20 inch pillow cover or larger, you want an insert that’s 2 inches larger. For example, a 20x20 pillow would take a 22x22 inch insert.


High-quality inserts can last forever. Smithy Home Couture sells high-quality inserts that will look beautiful for a lifetime. Fluff your pillows to keep them looking full. At Smithy Home Couture, we like to give our pillows a “karate chop” to make them look extra soft. They’re washable, so you can wash them as needed. Inserts are essential to beautiful, luxurious designer couch pillows. Invest in quality inserts and keep them forever. They will make your pillows look and feel great and can make the most boring pillow cover look amazing.

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