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Throw Pillows & Decorative Pillows

How to make your bed look amazing

Everyone knows how to make a bed, right? (Well, maybe not… ask a teenager and they may give you some serious side-eye.) But do you know how to make your bed… and make it look truly amazing? Like something you’d see on Pinterest, or in a catalog? Today Smithy Home Couture is here to give you pro tips on how to make your bed look as cozy and delicious as it feels. Ready to make your bed picture perfect?

Luxury Decorative Pillows

TIP #1: No bare mattress showing
A bare mattress and box spring are like underwear – they should never show! If your sheets are ill-fitting and tend to pop off the corners, it’s time to replace them. If you have a deep mattress, make sure you buy the fitted sheets with the extra deep pockets. If your box spring isn’t covered, invest in a cover or – even easier – buy an extra fitted sheet that matches your sheet set or complements your room décor. Designer tip: Frilly bed skirts are no longer in style – choose one with a simple pleat, or one that wraps and clings to the box spring itself. Frilly pillow shams are a thing of the past, too. Bid them goodbye and go for straight, contemporary edges on your shams.

TIP #2: Put your flat sheet on pattern-side down
If your flat sheet / top sheet has a decorative print – or even a simple pipe or edge – put it on so that the pattern is on the bottom side. Then put on your comforter, coverlet or duvet, and fold back the top of the sheet so that the pattern is visible. This is a simple way to change up the look of your bedroom and add a splash of color – without a huge commitment. And don’t be afraid to mix up patterns… here’s how…

Throw Pillows & Decorative Pillows

TIP #3: Mix Up Patterns and Solids
Don’t be afraid to mix up stripes and florals, herringbone and dots. As long as your color palette ties everything together, it’s okay to experiment with different prints and textures. Be sure to have some solids in the mix to give the eye a visual break. For example, if your bedspread is solid, layer on a stripey, cheerful duvet at the foot – and some colorful, fun throw pillows at the top. Or if your sheets are solids, mix in a top sheet with a funky pattern, and pillowcases to match. Need help with throw pillows? Read on…

Throw Pillows & Decorative Pillows

TIP #4: Decorate Unevenly
The addition of decorative throw pillows may be the simplest, most turnkey way to change the entire ambiance of your bedroom. Layer your sleeping pillows, then pillows with shams, and finally decorative pillows propped up in the front. As you begin to arrange your throw pillows, you’ll find an uneven number usually works best. For a twin or a queen bed, we recommend three pillows – for a king bed, five or more will be your magic number. Your center pillow will be a focal point of the room, so choose wisely! You may want the “backup singers” to be solid, while the center pillow is an animal print. But don’t be afraid to mix up fabrics, like this solid velvet throw pillow. A monogram or mandala will easily draw the eye and create a mood – from classic to boho. This colorful confetti pattern can bring multiple colors into a room. The more pillows you layer on, the more luxurious you’ll feel as you fall into them. Pro tip: don’t forget a bench at the foot of the bed where you can place your throw pillows when you turn in for the night.

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