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How to Arrange Throw Pillows on The Bed

The beautiful hues of subtle pastels, the charm of plain neutrals, or the bling of gold and silver, when put artistically on the bed in the form of throw pillows, can turn any space into an attractive, functional, and comfortable haven.
Accessorizing the bedroom with throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to uplift the room's aesthetics. A beautiful pillow arrangement adds coziness and comfort to create a well-put-together bedroom. After all, your bedroom is more than just a place to sleep; it is where your days begin and end.
However, there is no math or a rule written in stone on creating the most beautiful throw pillow arrangement on the bed; it is more of an art. You want to avoid stuffing the space by adding an off-putting arrangement of these fluffy adorns.
Hence, for your convenience, we've listed a thorough description of arranging bed pillows, accent pillows, and cushion covers. Take a cue from one of these tips to create a perfect pillow-scape.

The Benefits of Using Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can add that soft, graceful, and whimsical element to any room; they significantly impact any space in which they are placed. But if you need to become familiar with such decorative throw pillows, you might be thinking about what sets them apart from the typical pillow you sleep on at night.


Pillows must, first of all, make you and your guests comfortable.
The best technique to unwind in a comfortable position is to arrange a sofa, chair, or bedroom throw pillows in a particular style. It can be challenging to doze off on the couch without simple or decorative throw pillows for couch, as anybody who has experienced it can verify.
A throw pillow nearby can prevent waking up with a strain on your neck.

Aesthetic Appeal

Throw pillows can be a tremendous asset in boosting a room's aesthetic appeal. The pops of color on the bed bring out the perfect contrast when combined with other elements in the room.
Make a room aesthetically appealing by extending elements like texture and color into various areas. You don't want to use those elements sparingly; incorporating them in accents like decorative pillows is the ideal solution.
Use a mix-and-match approach to add a spark of creativity, like using black and gray cushions on a white couch. With such an appealing arrangement, you will turn any space into a cozy and dreamy zone that you wouldn’t want to leave.
Throw pillows are a perfect way to add comfort to any space. They are versatile and add functionality as well. Throw some beautiful pillows on the bed and make the space elegant and classy by the day and cozy and snuggly by night.

King Bed Pillow Arrangements

The standard rule to follow for a king bed pillow arrangement is to use three standard-sized pillows or two king pillows on a king bed. Let us look at the different pillow arrangements for a king-size bed:
  • The unique five-pillow combination: Five pillows are utilized in this design, primarily for king-size beds—three euro-size accent pillows on the back, followed by two horizontal king-sized pillows on the front. The decorative pillows positioned on top of the five pillows may also be utilized to improve the elegance of this pillow layout.
  • Standing and stacked combination: This is a hybrid of two different pillow configurations in which the erect pillows are placed next to the horizontally arranged pillows. In this manner, you can cover the sleeping pillows. It can also be embellished with ornamental pillows in front, giving your bed a tidy and finished appearance.
  • Place three European shams next to the headboard or wall behind. Again, if you want a full, circular effect, think about choosing an insert approximately two inches bigger than the sham. Add two king-sized pillows covered with shams and three smaller cushions with boudoir shams (12-inches by-16-inches) in the front to complete the look.
  • Place three European shams behind the bed. Use three queen or regular-size cushions with shams in place of king-size pillows for the next layer, then place two boudoir cushions in the middle of the spaces.
  • Start with the same group of fake European shams at the back. Add two king-sized pillows with matching shams. Finish by placing two decorative pillows measuring 20 inches by 20 inches in front of the two king-size shams.
  • Place three standard sleeping pillows on top of another three standard-size cushions with shams once you're done arranging pillows and setting up the base of European squares behind. Although the setup is easy, the style has some intricacy.

Queen Bed Pillow Arrangements

For a simple presentation, carefully arrange your cushions to rest on each other. The top two cushions are covered in regular shams, whereas the base pillows have average covers.
  • Facing the sleeping pillows, arrange two magnificent decorative pillows. To complete the aesthetic, use a design that combines a hue from your duvet. Light and fluffy feather pillows seem to be floppy and messy. Hence it is recommended to choose pillows with some weight for this.
  • Alternately, place pillows with shams of a regular size facing your sleeping pillows.
  • Set up one decorative pillow facing the raised shams, ideally 20 inches x 20 inches in size.
  • Another alternative is to stack pillows with shams in front of your sleep pillows while the headboard props them up. A smaller 12-inch-by-16-inch rectangle pillow that fits in a boudoir sham should be placed in the middle of the bed to complete the look.
  • Begin with the arrangement but end with two boudoir pillows at the front and center of each cushion sham.
  • For this cushion creation, use two total European squares. All the rectangle cushions are aligned and are slightly offset from the European squares' edges, so they peep out. Such pillow inserts will give your bedroom a lovely, majestic appearance. Set your sleep pillows next. Stack standard pillows covered in regular shams right in front. Finally, put a layer of boudoir shams over small-size cushions squares.
  • This following pillow arrangement differs from the previous one because the fourth and last layer is a decorative pillow placed in the center. Here, be bold and use a striking design. Use a tone-on-tone pattern instead for a more elegant look.
  • For a cleaner look, use two European squares, two standard shams drawn slightly toward the side of the bed, and the third covering of boudoir pillows drawn toward the middle. Although it is tidy, there is some pressure to keep things intriguing.
  • Then, repeat the process for the initial and the following layers, but place one boudoir pillow in the middle of the standard shams. To achieve the style, you must replace pillows on a bed with standard pillow covers.
  • Standing cushions: Two queen pillows and two-euro cushions combine to create this arrangement. Additionally, you may add some elegant cushions in the front.
  • Mixed standing and stacked: Pillows should be layered on top of one another; then, use stacked pillows to support the other cushions. You can also add accent cushions to the front to enhance the appearance.

Twin Bed Pillow Arrangements

The easiest way to style your twin bed is to place one square pillow, one set of standard shams, and one lumbar or tiny euro upon the bed, mainly if it is in a guestroom.
A gorgeous bedroom with a dazzling pillow arrangement can create an impact that isn’t just visually attractive but also adds a hue of sophistication to your space.
A beautiful set of coordinated throw pillows adds texture, versatility, personality, and character to your room. And you know what the best part is? There is no wrong way of doing it.
So, style your bed to perfection with a combination of functional and decorative pillows that will add fluff and flavor to your bedroom décor.
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