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Red Green Christmas Pillows

Five Tips for Getting Your Home Holiday Ready

The holidays are fast approaching… and whether you’re entertaining a crowd or just hunkering down with the family, you want your home to be merry and bright. Here are five tips from Smithy Home Couture on how to get your home holiday perfect.
Red Green Christmas Pillows
  • A clean home just feels good. Do a deep cleaning before the holidays are upon us - because soon there will be parties and potlucks, get-togethers and happy hours. So shampoo rugs and mop floors, wash and dust curtains and blinds. Clean your oven, give the cabinets a wipe down. How about a new shower curtain - and don’t forget the grout! If you’re hosting someone in your guest room, be sure to wash or dry clean duvets and pillow covers. Do it now - you won’t regret how good clean feels!
  • Declutter before you decorate. If you are decorating with cornucopias, snowmen, wreaths and other holiday décor, this stuff takes up room.If you set up a holiday creche or menorah, put away some family photos for a while to make room for this new focal point. If you add some gold-colored throw pillows to lend your couch some glamour, retire the everyday ones. Make room in your coat closet or coat rack for guest’s coats and bags, and make sure the guest room has plenty of room for their luggage, toiletries and gifts! Pro tip: for every one decorative item you add – put one everyday thing away..
Xmass Combo Pillows
  • Now that your home is deliciously clean, let’s talk about scents. The holiday season is a great time to light scented candles, or melt scented wax. How do you want your home to smell? Candles and sprays come in a wonderful array of holiday aromas, like gingersnaps, vanilla, cinnamon or apple pie. Or you can opt for the ones that profess to smell like “winter snow” or balsam boughs -- sometimes clean fragrances can be less cloying or overpowering. Candles and sprays will make your home smell welcoming and festive throughout the season.
  • Build a fire! Oooh, there’s nothing that says winter holidays like a roaring fire. Make sure your chimney has been professionally swept to ensure safety, and clean your firebox, hearth and fireplace tools. Then grab some firewood and light it up! Don’t forget to place some floor pillows nearby to invite guests to relax and recline in front of your crackling, welcoming fire. (Not too close – and be sure to use a fire screen or glass doors to protect you from popping embers.)
  • Cozy it up. Whether you’re readying your guest room or trying to make your family room more inviting, velvety-soft pillows and some fuzzy “throws” can make even a cold room feel cozy. Layer on throw pillows of different colors, patterns and textures… and don’t overlook the dining room. Small pillows for lumbar support (and to look trés chic with your tablescape!) will make your guests want to linger long after the dessert is gone!
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