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Decor Pillows Fluffy

5 Ways to get Fluffy Pillows that Look Great All The Time

Do you have a friend whose home is just perfect? Like you feel as if you’re walking into a professionally propped home – the way her drapes puddle on the floor perfectly. And oh yes... the throw pillows… just the right number of pillows to be welcoming, and how they’re always so fluffy and plush? Sigh.
Stop wishing and keep reading. Smithy Home Couture is here to give you a few insider’s tips on how to get fluffy pillows that look good all the time.
Decor Pillows Fluffy

1. What’s inside counts. If your throw pillows are stuffed with foam, it’s time to replace them. Foam inserts can get pancake flat and won’t allow your pillow covers to truly shine; only high-quality down feather inserts help your pillows look premium. Regardless of how beautiful your pillow covers are, if stuffed with the wrong inserts they’ll look flat, slouchy or understuffed. Our Down Feather Premium Pillow Inserts have feather-proof cases so you won’t get poked, and best of all, they’re machine washable so they’ll always be clean and at their fluffy best.
2. Size matters. When choosing feather inserts, shop a size that’s 1-2 inches larger than the cover for your pillows. For example, if your pillow covers are 18x18, choose inserts that are 20x20 to achieve a plump, luxurious look. With the right insert, your pillows will sit upright with little support and keep their shape for years to come.
Decor Pillows Fluffy
3. Invest in new covers. You just bought those covers, right? Um, sis, that was years ago. Since then, countless people have sat on them, maybe kids have spilled on them or used them as floor pillows… time flies, right? It’s time. There’s no simpler, easier way to reinvigorate your living room or bedroom than with some new throw pillow covers. Bring in a new pop of color – aqua blue is 2021’s color of the year. Be bold with an animal print. Bring in some texture with velvet or dial up the posh with fabric that appears metallic. With a quick zip zip - your pillows can have a new lease on life.
4. Layering is life! OK, not really, but if you want to up your throw pillow game, try layering. Layer two pillows with the same color and pattern, or layer pillows that complement each other – a solid and a print, a solid and a floral, or two patterns that work together. Pro tip: When layering throw pillows on a couch, don’t get carried away – too many pillows can make the couch seem full and uninviting. Leave room for your guests to sit!Decor Pillows Fluffy5. Karate chop! With a gentle karate chop, you can achieve the trendy “cat’s ears” look that’s so popular in home décor today. Once you’ve layered your pillows in the way that you like, just apply a gentle chop to the top edge of the pillow, breaking the line. Your “cat’s ears” can be as large or as small as you like – play with the size of the “v” that you like the best. Note: cat’s ears can only be achieved with feather inserts – foam inserts won’t hold the v-shape and will just bounce back.
Decor Pillows Fluffy
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