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Five Decor Trends for 2022

2022: Five Décor Trends You Need to Know

Are you a trend-setter, or do you buck the trends and go with what feels right? Either way, the good news is, most of this year’s trends are driven by common sense, sustainability and practicality. So, if you’re interested in being on trend for 2022, read on and gather some inspiration from our design team.
Five Decor Trends for 2022
1. Multi-functional. With the pandemic, we’ve asked a lot of our homes over these past few years. We’ve created closet offices, homework nooks underneath staircases, and bedroom corners and dining room tables have doubled as offices and classrooms. Well, unfortunately this is still the trend. While many are moving toward a “hybrid” model – partially from home and partially in-person at school and work – many of us are still working from home. There’s never been a better time to refresh your surroundings that you’ve been staring at for two years and give your multi-functional space a little makeover. Create a space where form and function are balanced. Uncluttered. Intentional.
2. Cold and formal is out. Yep, with us spending so much time in our homes – working, playing, trying to stay sane – comfortable and welcoming is continuing to trend for 2022. Think squishy, plush and tactile. Fabrics should be pleasing to the touch. Walls are going to be textured, paneled, wainscoted – even wallpaper is in. Be serene, be comfortable, think soft and curvy instead of rigid and straight. Create a mood.
Five Decor Trends for 2022
3. Unique-ness. Goodbye cookie-cutter looks and Instagram-inspired accents. This year it’s about creating spaces that are distinctive to you – not mass-produced. Simplicity is key, not too much, not too little. Color palettes tend to be from nature, or mono-chromatic. Forget about making the space “bold “or making colors “pop” – just make your colors suit you and your inimitable taste.
4. Outdoor living – In response to the pandemic, many of us spruced up our outdoor spaces, creating livable areas for fresh-air gatherings. This is still going to be big for 2022… so if you’ve been looking to transform your yard, patio or balcony, the addition of some plants, furniture, cozy throws and pillows can create a welcoming space for entertaining.
5. Vintage – upcycling – antiques. Yep, you guessed it – the pandemic is influencing this trend, too. Many flat-box companies are backordered for months. But when you choose vintage pieces for your home, not only do you bring a sense of history to your room, but you prevent vintage items from filling up landfills. At Smithy Home Couture, we couldn’t agree more – our feather and down inserts are sustainably made, allowing you to re-use the interiors and just swap out covers to your heart’s content! Best of all, our handcrafted covers are made here in the USA – no supply chain issues.
It’s no secret that switching out your decorative pillows is a simple, affordable way to change the look and feel of a space – with low effort and investment. Most importantly, remember that trends aren’t rules. Decorate the way you want – it’s your home!
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